Having a recognized brand is becoming more and more important in business today. Even small businesses cannot afford to exist without local branding. It is a simple process to implement if you have the experience of establishing businesses as we do online.

The first step is to establish a consistent NAP. Having consistent location information on all citations is critical to having even a local brand. Which translates to more customers finding you when they search for businesses near them. Which is now the number one search phrase online.

The next step is to have a social impact. When you create content you need it to be visible. The more visible it is the more power it has. That power translates into more profit in your pocket, the goal of branding.

Next, we look at influencer alliances. Having the right influencers associated with your brand adds gravity to them which makes them important to those who may be looking to buy your products. It is an ongoing process that needs constant attention and adjustment.

Then we look at Video influence of your brand. You need to have several minutes of watched video to get some traction with your target audience. Educational videos carry the most weight which is why that is the type of videos we coach our clients to make. Providing scripts and graphics to make training videos look professional.

So now you have the process, you can begin to build your own brand. Be sure to get it right because getting it wrong can get you the kind of attention you don’t want and worse yet give your competition an advantage. Leave your competition in the dust and give us a call for a quote.